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March 13, 2006

The James Beard Foundation announces the nominees for the 2006 James Beard Foundation Awards

Links to the Articles Nominated for the James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards.

{Download the press release (pdf) with the complete list of nominees here.}

Category: Newspaper Feature Writing About Restaurants and/or Chefs With or Without Recipes.

Bill Addison - Creative Loafing Atlanta:
Hail to the Chefs: Eight Mouths of the South Who Elevate Regional Fare with True Grits. 06/22/05

Brett Anderson - The Times-Picayune:
The Natural. 06/12/05

Mark Caro - Chicago Tribune:
Liver and Let Live. 03/29/05

Category: Newspaper Feature Writing With Recipes

Carolynn Carreño - Los Angeles Times:
Cubism Makes a Comeback: In An Era of Slow Food You'd Be Surprised Who's Plopping Bouillon Cubes in Coq Au Vin, Chiles Rellenos or Even Sheep's Milk Ricotta Ravioli. 01/19/05

Elizabeth Lee - Atlanta Journal Constitution:
Going for Gold. 10/03/05

Carol Ness - San Francisco Chronicle:
Outstanding in His Field; Farmers Create a Market Niche for Eco-Friendly Heritage Meats. 07/6/05

Category: Newspaper Feature Writing Without Recipes

Kristen Hinman - Riverfront Times (St. Louis):
Something Fishy. 03/16/05

Beatriz Terrazas - The Dallas Morning News:

Joel Warner - Westword (Denver):
Mr. Big. 11/03/05

Category: Newspaper Restaurant Review or Critique

Meredith Ford - Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
We Have Lift-Off; Find a Comfy Spot, Enjoy the Getaway, Stir Wars
8/18/05, 5/19/05, 6/2/05

Jonathan Gold - LA Weekly:
Great Balls O' Rice, Raw Power, The Revolutionary
7/15/05, 7/1/05, 3/18/05

Jason Sheehan - Westword (Denver):
Girl Trouble. 02/17/05
Z Whiz. 11/10/05
Kokoro Bebop. 11/25/05

Category: Newspaper or Magazine Reporting on Nutrition or Food-Related Consumer Issues

Allison J. Cleary - EatingWell, The Magazine of Food and Health:
Fast Road to Fat City: What Price All Those Cheap Burgers & Fries? Science Starts to Find the Unsettling Answers. 04-5/05

Rachael Moeller Gorman - EatingWell™, The Magazine of Food and Health:
Faux Food: Where Have All Our Nutrients Gone? 12/05-1/06

Jonathan Kauffman - East Bay Express (Oakland/Berkeley):
Endangered Species. 11/30/05

Category: Newspaper or Magazine Columns

Dara Moskowitz - City Pages (Minneapolis):
Rustica Rising. 02/16/05
The Great Steak Hunt. 05/11/05
Sweet, Sweet Liberty. 07/06/05

Pete Wells - Food & Wine, Always Hungry:
Four Star Baby Food 06/05
Can a Restaurant be Cloned? 11/05
Is Lard Health Food? 12/05

Olivia Wu - San Francisco Chronicle:
Seafood by the Season: "Sizing up Shrimp". 04/13/05
Northern Exposure.06/08/05
Pacific Oysters Hit Peak in Marin 10/19/05

Category: Newspaper Writing on Spirits, Wine, or Beer

Stephen Lemons - Phoenix New Times:
Behind the Green Door. 04/07/05

Dara Moskowitz - City Pages (Minneapolis):
Wine & Dine 2005: The World in a Bottle: New Tastes From the Old World. 10/12/05

Robb Walsh - Houston Press:
Mixing It Up. 03/10/05

Category: Internet Writing on Food, Restaurant, Beverage, or Nutrition

Michael Apstein - WineReviewOnline.com:
Reserve Wines Score, But at What Price? 12/20/05

Sara Dickerman - Slate Magazine:
Down with Gloves: Why Chefs Shouldn't Have to Wear Them 09/28/05

Mike Steinberger - Slate Magazine:
Star Wars: Did Michelin Lower the Bar for New York? 11/07/05

Category: Magazine Feature Writing With Recipes

Fuchsia Dunlop - Saveur:
Sichuan Street Snacks 03/05

Dorie Greenspan - Bon Appétit:
When French Women Bake. 02/05

Karen Stabiner - Gourmet Magazine:
Brisket Brought Us Together 04/05

Category: Magazine Feature Writing Without Recipes

Adam Sachs - Conde Nast Traveler:
A Nonstop, Unapologetically High-Calorie Foodie's Tour de France. 04/05

Marshall Sella - New York Magazine:
Does a Duck Have a Soul? 06/27/05

Patricia Sharpe - Texas Monthly:
Confessions of a Skinny Bitch. 03/05

Category: Magazine Restaurant Review or Critique

Caroline Bates - Gourmet Magazine:
Pier Review, When Tokyo Met Lyon, or The Rise and Rise of Asian Fusion, Vegas Double Time. 2/05, 6/05, 10/05

Patric Kuh - Los Angeles Magazine:
In the Raw, Steak Out, Seaworld. 9/05, 10/05, 11/05

Alan Richman - GQ:
The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die, The Mex Big Thing, Puncturing the Michelin Myth. 7/05, 9/05, 11/05

Category: Magazine Writing on Spirits, Wine, or Beer

Maricel E. Presilla - Saveur:
Mendoza Mountain High 10/05

Sara Schneider - Sunset Magazine:
Wild West Wine. 10/05

Pete Wells - Food & Wine:
A Cocktail Purist. 5/05

Category: Internet Website for Food (New Award Category)

Alice Feiring:
Alice Feiring.com

Tanya Wenman Steel:

David Leite:
Leite's Culinaria

Category: Newspaper Section with circulation under 300,000

San Jose Mercury News - Julie Kaufmann:
SJ Merc. Food Section

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Judith Evans:
STL Today Food Section

The Denver Post - Kristen Browning-Blas:
Denver Post Food Section

Category: Newspaper Section with circulation 300,000 and above

Chicago Tribune - Carol Mighton Haddix:
Chicago Tribune Food Section

San Francisco Chronicle - Miriam Morgan and Linda Murphy:
SF Chronicle Food Section

Star Tribune (Minneapolis) - Lee Svitak Dean:
Star Tribune Food Section

Category: MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award

Nelson Handel - The Walrus:
Frontiers of Flavour. 6/05

Jack Hitt - Gourmet Magazine:
Lowcountry Lowdown. 12/05

Jay McInerney - Departures
Will Alain Ducasse Take Over the World? 7-8/05

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