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January 17, 2006

Food News Feed - January 17, 2006

Food News Feed

The Meatrix II is coming - view the trailer.

Moopheus is back, and leading the revolt! More action, adventure, and manure...

Mac and Cheese Wars.

Slate food writer Sara Dickerman wonders why NY Times food writer Julia Moskin's recipe for crunchy macaroni and cheese is so popular? {Editors note: there aren't too many things I won't eat, but macaroni and cheese is one of them. Thanks to Sara for testing the recipe...}

Another Clueless Politician Jumps on the Foie-Gras-Ban-Bandwagon.

Rep. Brendan Williams, D-Olympia, WA, has proposed a measure that would ban and would ultimately remove the delicacy from state restaurants. "Torturing an animal to make it tastier is not a proposition I support," Williams said. "There has to be some limitations on decadence when it comes to what we eat or what we do to animals." {Editors note: Mr. Williams, speaking of "torturing an animal", we assume you would also ban the consumption of bacon for breakfast and ham sandwiches for lunch, seeing how the pigs that supply said meat products are raised in such despicable conditions, that to describe them as being tortured is putting it nicely. We refer you - once again - to this article and if that's not enough to convince you, try this.}

Beer Mapping.

Brilliant Google Maps mashup that plots artisan breweries and beer retailers in the U.S.

More Beer: Scientists Search for Secrets of Foamy Beer.

Brewers have become almost fanatical, and understandably so, about how their beer looks and performs when it is poured into a glass.

The FDA is Still Cracking Down on Cheesemakers.

Berkshire Blue Cheese has won medals from the World Cheese Awards and the American Cheese Society. "You taste the cow in there," cheese maker Michael Miller says. "I want you to taste the barnyard." But in March, testers from the federal Food and Drug Administration found traces of listeria, prompting a recall (the amount of bacteria was so minute it wouldn't do any harm). Miller believes he was the target of an agency intent on banning all food made with unpasteurized milk - an assault, he says, on Americans' taste buds. "If this were Paris," he says, "I'd have a line of French chefs out the door. Here, I have the FDA."

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