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January 17, 2005

Food News January 19, 2004

Food News January 19, 2004

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As a parent, you come up with a lot of catch phrases to get your kids to eat their dinner. "You're going to finish all of that pork chop because a pig died for your dinner, and you have to respect that life", is one of them...

Special Feature - By Food Writer Monica Bhide:

What is Real Cooking?

What is "real cooking"? Who is a "real" cook? I write about food for a living, I should know the know the answer to these seemingly simple questions. Yet, I am not entirely sure.

Each time I visit New York I look forward to trying the food at New York’s legendary restaurants, but mostly to eat at the home of my friend. Vrinda is a highly successful investment banker, a bundle of confidence and a complete misfit with traditions. And she is not a cook - not a real one anyway (she repeatedly tells me). You know the ones, she tells me, who can whip up a gourmet dinner for twenty at the blink of an eye. The ones who can prepare rice ninety seven different ways and then have sixty five recipes for leftovers.

A few years ago my husband and I visited her for the first time in New York City. We arrived late morning and were greeted with the warmth of a blossoming friendship. Their apartment overlooked a gorgeous golf course and as her husband began glowing about the view, she retreated to the kitchen to cook lunch. I offered to help. She shrugged her shoulders, "It will be nothing special. Just sit and chat with me as I cook."

I watched her, casually at first and then intently. Meticulous and fast, she was cooking her food in traditional plain stainless steel utensils that she has brought with her from India. No nonstick pans, no Cuisinart, no late night infomercial knife sets in this tiny kitchen. She had, however, managed to nail into the counter a mean looking coconut scraper with a razor sharp edge.

Continue reading Monica Bhide's What is Real Cooking?

Wish you were there. The Madrid Fusion Food Festival.

Got Milk? The Parlamat Scandal just won't go away. "In which an Italian farm family turned an Italian dairy goods firm into a global food enterprise, then stole from it wholesale. Parmalat imploded at Christmas 2003 in a scandal that seemed bigger, cruder, and more criminal than a long string of American corporate frauds. Parmalat collapsed almost instantly when a memo detailing $4 billion supposedly held in a Parmalat account at Bank of America turned out to be false. The memo was part of a failed effort to raise money for a loan payment.
Executives at the Italian company forged the memo using scissors, paste, and a copy machine."
More from SF WeeklyMatt Smith.

"We are really positioned as a part of the fabric of life in China," said David Novak, chairman and chief executive of Louisville's Yum! Brands Inc., parent company of KFC (Bet he said that with a straight face too). KFC looks to be great chain of China."
More from The Courier-JournalBruce Schreiner. Related: "I'd rather eat a force-fed duck than a Tyson Chicken." More from A Full Belly.

"Bordeaux wines are getting hammered by competition from Australia, Chile, South Africa, Argentina and California...What about anti-French sentiment? Not a factor. French wines sales were declining long before the Iraq war in 2003. In 1999 France accounted for 24 percent of all wines imported into the United States. By 2002, that dropped to 18 percent, even though imported wine sales grew by 28 percent in that same time period."
More from The OregonianMatt Kramer.

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